Congrats to MTA students for competing at the highest level🎾👍🎾

Marie Grace Armistead had a great run  reaching semifinals in the prestigious Girls 16’s Eddie Herr in Bradenton FL, as well as the Round of 16 at the Orange Bowl in Plantation, FL. Congrats also to Yair Gritzman, Jacob Forero, Subodh Pottipatti, all players competing at these tournaments. Today Jackson Armistead will play Boys 14’s 2nd Round Main Draw👍.  

Also, MTA students performed great at the USTA L5 in Daytona Beach this past weekend. Daniel Green obtained 3rd place in Boys 16’s, Subodh Pottipatti 5th place in Boys 14’s, Codrin Miller and Carter Mckinnon competed very well in doubles Boys 16’s. On behave of all MTA staff, Congrats to all MTA students for working hard in practice as well as competing in tournaments. Let’s finish the year very strong!!! 🎾🎾🎾

Eleazar Magallan