“MTA students compete at the highest Level”

Ronan Jachuck, and Hunter Heck competed and went deep in Mexico and Costa Rica Grade I tournaments to start the 2019 season strong. Mariana Pardo also participated and competed hard in quilifying tournament Colombia Grade I.

David Lins wins the title in Key Biscayne, FL in the National L3 in Boys 18’s, and Daniel Green got 3rd place in the Sectional L3 in Lakeland, FL in Boys 16’s. Molly Heber and Lena Kovasevic took 2nd place in doubles Girls 16’s as well. Codrin Miller, Alex Leyw, Subodh Pottipatti, Tess Heber also competing very well at those tournaments.

Katie Heller competed very hard and takes the title at the L7 in Boyton Beach, and Alex Lyew takes his first title at the L6 in Delray Beach, FL. Their dedication and perseverance were key to their game rising and competing very well. Akhil Kancherla got 2nd place at the L7 in Coral Springs rising to the ocasion, and showing a lot of improvement. Carter McKennon has shown also great character, improvement in the last tournaments. Daniel Clivio, a 13 year old boy roriginally from Italy has made an impact in the last few tournaments. He has won Local tournaments and has won a few tough rounds in Men’s open level.

The MTA staff could not be more proud of all of our students for working hard everyday, and competing hard on tournaments. Let’s Go!!!!! 🎾🎾🎾🎾

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Eleazar Magallan